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Very experienced Chief Engineer. Offshore / DP2

400 USD

John English

Exact position Chief engineer
Availability date:
    United Kingdom
    Over 15 years experience in the offshore industry as Chief Engineer on large DP2 vessels

    The majority of my offshore experience has been on DP2 AHTS and I have been involved in a wide variety of towing and anchor handling projects worldwide.

    I have worked with both RR and Kongsberg DP systems and have attended a DP maintenance course.
    Also available for Bulk, Passenger, container, car carrier
    I have also attended a STAR IPS training course and have a thorough knowledge and practical experience of this management program.

    All my necessary STCW certificates are up to date and have a valid Medical until 2019
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    • Phone: +44 XXXXXXXX
    • Email: j.a***@****.**
    1 year ago


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