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Chief Mate

4500 USD

Rafik Fakhurdinov

Exact position 1st officer
Availability date:
    Good Morning Dear Sirs!

    Chief Mate Rafik Fakhurdinov ready to job!
    Have adequate experience works aboard basically Dry Cargo and Multi-purpose ships and have small experience on the board Tankers type ships.
    Last time have voyages with cargo’s Grain,Stone,Fertilizer,Cement , Scrap ,Ammonium Nitrate, Petroleum Cock, Aluminium Powder, Oil Grude,Caustic Soda around Europe and UK. And also abt area Far East the seas.
    English language such as spoken and written in norm and sufficiently for duties as Chief Mate & Cargo Mate.
    Holder COC none limit excludind Fishing Vessels.
    Also have good exp., works among miscellaneous crew – Portugal , Filipino, Cabo-Verde and Gemany, Latvian ,Ukraine. Also I am have good exp. work with welding apparat and gantry crane of the ship.
    Previously time have work in position as Fitter on the factory.
    If your owners need for employee please check CV and revert with your offers.
    For following contact please see CV or +7 917 103 69 59 +7 846 9565758 skype «northpassage1»
    Best regards !
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    • Phone: +79 XXXXXXXX
    • Email: hor***@****.**
    1 year ago


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