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Looking for a job as Master or Chief Officer

Looking for a job as Master or Chief Officer
Expected salary:
8 400 USD
Availability date:
I am carry full Master Marines license and have extensive experience as Captain on various deep sea Reefer-container, and just Container vessels since 2004. Geographically, i have covered and closely familiar with South, Central, North Americas, Europe and Med, Persian Gulf , South East Asia, and Far East. Two time have expirienced as the supercargo on Madagaskar at 2002 and at 2003. Three times expirienced in dry dock's on board of vsl as the captain. All my documents are fully updated and in due, including valid US visa ( in force until 31/Aug/2021). Copies of documents are available on request. I am available on request. My phone communications: Mob Cell Phone: + 371 29966271 Home phone: + 371 63439333 Will be pleased to hear back. Thanks in advance. Kind regards Vjaceslavs Atnaguzins
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