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Master on board Bulk, Container, GC, Heavy lift or Ro-Ro as at earliest

8500 USD

Ratnayake Kaluarachchige Ranjith Kumarasiri

Exact position Master
Availability date:
    Sri Lanka
    Dear Sir,
    Good Morning!!!

    I Capt.R.Kumarasiri Srilankan national who is engaged in the shipping industry as a sailing master for a long period about 30 Years.
    The Education in the maritime field received from the Blackpool and the Fylde nautical college, Lancashire. The HND Nautical Science and the Master II/2 was obtained.
    I wish to provide you the forward you the following profile of career experience.
    The Type of Vessels sailed on, GC, Container, Bulk handy size to Cape Size, Heavy lift and Ro-Ro vessels.
    The operational to management level position through out service continued on Wilhelmsen Lines Ro- Ro vessels from 1991- 2006 till the industry recession reasons to seek the other types of vessels.
    There after continued sailing on GC, Container, Bulk Carrier and heavy lift vessels on and off to survive with the financial budget for the education project abroad of my three children.
    During the above service period gained the multi types of career experience sailing on different types of vessels.
    Likewise handling High and heavy Ro-Ro project cargo, Heavy lift transport equipments, Heavy lift cranes handling, handling of varieties of bulk cargo and using of self discharge grabs etc.
    As well the dealing and performing of multinational teamwork ashore and on board to achieve the Owner/ Manager aims and goals.
    The Sailing experience inclusive of all the regions in the world, gained the experience of smooth dealing with the local authorities and relevant commercial matters as the owner / manager representative, successfully.
    The Nationalities worked with the Scandinavians, British, West and Eastern Europeans, Filipinos, Chinese, Burmese, Thai and Indians.
    The Practical experience of sailing across S- N trans Atlantic/ Pacific during winter months and stormy weather during the seasons optimum effects.
    Also, Practical Ice Navigation experience gained during the seasonal in the region of North America and Canadian coastal and inland water.
    Further the transiting of the Panama, Suez- Keel canals other straits in the world regions and self navigating long river passages in Amazon, Hugley, St.Lawrence gulf etc was an enthusiastic.
    Through out the above long service period has handled the career matters relevant smoothly and accidents / incidents free.
    Due to the reason of recession of the industry searched and managed the employment with multiple experience to manage the Budget of my sons higher education matters abroad.
    The Above statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

    Yours Truly
    CoC 0028182 (UK)
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    • Email: kum***@****.**
    1 year ago


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