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lookong for a job as Able Seaman or Ordinary Seaman

1000 USD

Yauheni Ausiankin

Exact position Able Seaman
Availability date:
    Ausiankin Yauheni. Date of Birth- 01/07/1980. Place of Birth - Dresden Germany. Permanent Address - 1 app., 25 Lyn’kova street, Minsk, Belarus.
    Maritime experience: 3 yaer, 2 month, 24 days.
    Education: Minsk State High Aviation college (Electronics Technician). Institute of Water Transport Rostov-on-Don (4 course Navigation )
    Work in mixed crews: Georgia, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Philippines.
    Crane operation (Driver) SWL35tn.
    Ballast operations.
    Steering the ship.( helmsman)
    Anchor operations.
    1 month Dry dok (Besiktas Shipyard)
    I have a long break in my work due to a durable, difficult divorce process and estate division. And the second reason is that I tried to set up my own business. And many Ship owners do not want to work with citizens of Belarus.
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    • Phone: +37 XXXXXXXX
    • Email: stu***@****.**
    1 year ago


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