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Urgently looking for a job as Chief Engineer

8500 USD

Vasyl Kudrych

Exact position Chief engineer
Availability date:
  • Algeria
I was born 19 Feb. 1962, in Lvov, Ukraine. From 1979 to 1984 I stadied in Sevastopol Higher Navy Marine School. I worked Chief Engineer from 1992 to 1997 on the fish ships. From 1997 to 2011 I worked on the Dray Cargo, MPP, Reefer ships and Juce Reefer Bulk. ME was B&W different typies. M/v "Han De" - Heavy Lift, ME B&W(4 stokrs). M/v "Orange Star" - Juice Bulk Reefer, ME J.G. Kincaid-B&W 9K74EF - 12800 kW. M/v "Orange Blossom" - Juice Bulk Reefer, ME Kawasaki B&W 5L60MCE - 6617 kW. M/v "Chiquita Deutschland" - Reefer ship, ME Mitsui B&W 20400 HP. From 2011 to present time I worked on the MPP, Heavy Lift and Container ships( 450-1000 TEU). At present time I am ready to work. I hope to long-term cooperation.
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  • Phone: +79 XXXXXXXX
  • Email: Kud***@****.**
1 year ago


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