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deck officer

deck officer
Expected salary:
2 300 USD
Availability date:
Dear Madame/Sir, Good day, I would like to be considered for the deck officer position that is currently available through your line. Kindly find attached my application. I have completed University with a Master degree and have taken many navigation courses. I have also worked in this position for several contracts now and enjoy all the tasks that are assigned to me. I have a full understanding of traditional, tactical and geographic issues that can affect the navigation of the ship. I can read operation plans and orders and understand the intentions of the officer in command. I have top notch communication skills and have no problem keeping those on duty away of the geographic factors that could affect safe navigation. I can issue orders when necessary to the helm and would keep to my assigned position. I would always take the lead to avoid any dangers that could involve grounding or collision. I am able to make all reports, both written and verbal, to the commanding office or officer on duty. I understand that need for inspections and routine reports of patrols and would pass on any issues that arise. I can supervise and direct all personnel that are on watch and make sure the deck log is filled out correctly. I am also familiar with the announcing system and do not have an issue making any announcements that are required. I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my future career goals and my experience with you. You can contact me at any time by calling +40734097484. Respectfully, Dana-Lavinia Teodorescu, +40734097484,


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