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Master, C/O

Master, C/O
Expected salary:
10 000 USD
Good day Sirs, I am Edo Tijan, experienced tanker master from Rijeka, Croatia, and I am interesting to join your good Company, in position as Master /CO on tanker or bulk carrier, where tankers are preferred, but not limited to the size. Till now, I was serving on ten VLCC tankers. I am non smoker, non drinker and never had problems with the various vetting and USCG. In a case of open position, I am available immediately. I have experience in GOA, GOG and Yemen areas and can return there if required. Practically, I sail elsewhere except in New Zealand, what is explained in the table of Sailing Areas Experience. I was working earlier with OMC from Lausanne, but company ceased maritime activities. In short, during my career, I was serving on all kinds of tankers, and full IMO Class II and III chemical tankers and bulk carriers, with single and double hulls. Also from my service on OBO ships, I have experience in carrying of the dry cargoes mostly coal and ore. I am in possession of British and Bahamas Seaman's Books (Certificates are expired) , and full set of the Liberia and Panama certificates.required for the tanker/bulk trade. Scans of all my certificates, mentioned in this CV are all available, and are all valid. Best regards and remains Capt. Edo Tijan Sime Ljubica 10 HR 51000 Rijeka, Croatia HP : + 385 98 964 5392 Email :