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abel seaman

abel seaman
Expected salary:
1 640 USD
Thank you for giving your valuable time to read my cover letter . I hope to have the opportunity to talk with you soon. Thank you for considering my application. I would be glad to apply for an Able Seaman. I have an experience work on different type vessel (oil/cemical tanker, crude oil tanker, Bulk Carrier, Conteiner Ship,) I have an experience Watch keeping day/night. I have an experience steering operation in the narrows rivers and in ice condition. I have an experience work in dry dock. I have an experience maintain the shipboard Maintenance schedules; Maintain the Life saving and Fire fighting appliances, Perform efficiently in mooring, berthing, anchoring, ballasting, towing etc. I have also the ability to perform as, good knowledge of handling life saving and fire fighting equipment. Good knowledge of launching lifeboat on deck . I am a vigorous individual having extensive experience in standing, observing and guiding ship or self-propelled vessel under the supervision of the officer on watch; operating, retaining and fixing deck equipment for instance winches, cranes, derricks and hawsers; cleaning, chipping and painting deck surfaces. In addition I am very experienced in handling mooring lines, and fix together and repair ropes, wire cables and cordage. My enclosed resume shows the skills and qualifications you required for your organization. I am a highly motivated worker who has gained the respect of my co-workers and superiors. I am confident of my abilities to fulfill the role of Able Seaman
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