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THF "Lego Architecture"

THF "Lego Architecture" HD

:30 for the Lego Architecture Exhibit at The Henry Ford.More
Dichroic Swirl

Dichroic Swirl

Continuing research on dichroic paint. See alternate video of "Dichroic Drips" for continuing footage of this paint. No additives or mixing is being done in this video.More
Preserving Chinese Architectural Antiquity

Preserving Chinese Architectural Antiquity

Images of old Chinese architecture and recent photos of same. This is in tribute to unknown Japanese photographers and the architects, builders, custodians, and the good citizens of China.More
Autoban: Modern Highways into Traditional Space

Autoban: Modern Highways into Traditional Space HD

Hailing from the East-meets-West melting pot Istanbul, Autoban’s Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar have established themselves as stars on the global design scene.More

Crystal HD

One from the back catalogue. I was part of the team at Uniform working on the production of this piece. My roles were modeling, animating, tracking, roto and compositing.More
Trailer / Paulo Mendes da Rocha / MUBE
472 Jackson Experience

472 Jackson Experience HD

Unprecedented in the world of real estate, the 472 Jackson virtual tour provides real estate developers with the opportunity to display a truly walkable, 360-degree environment.More
Rhinoceros and Grasshopper workshop 2016

Rhinoceros and Grasshopper workshop 2016 HD

Within the course offered, three programs were introduced: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, and Keyshot.More
Havel Ruck Projects - Inversion House

Havel Ruck Projects - Inversion House

This documentary, produced by Artery Media Projects, follows the creation of "Inversion", a sculptural installation at Art League Houston.More
BAT - The Battery

BAT - The Battery

In a city scared of heights, in a country scared of the foreign, can we imagine a multicultural neighbourhood of extreme urban density? The battery is a project about integration.More
Owls (part 3)

Owls (part 3) HD

3D Projection Mapping project getting ready for a custom built Owl model. Idea, Design, Animation - Kamila Staszczyszyn / MELT Sound Design - Wojtek Urbański / Sound Boom see project with exploration on behance: :)More
Hotel Kanra

Hotel Kanra HD

A media architecture collaboration between Urban Design System (UDS), Spangle and Qosmo (yours truly).More
Juice | TEDxWarsaw 2018 – Men&Women

Juice | TEDxWarsaw 2018 – Men&Women HD

We’re constantly craving to be a part of inspiring ideas and projects, especially if they bring together creative minds from around the globe and TEDx is one of them.More
Billie Tsien, Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

Billie Tsien, Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

Billie Tsien, AIA, principal of Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, describes one of her favorite spaces, the interior of the Pantheon, and the moving experience she had there that brought tears to her eyes.More


POLYOMINO CHROMA by Plethora Project powered by STRATASYS directed by Jose Sanchez research assistant Gentaro Makinoda Alejandro Medina USC students Yuchen Cai Setareh Ordoobadi Yangping Chen Can JiangMore
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