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Even though exposed to the sea every day, the condition of outer hull and propeller is oftentimes neglected in every day operation.

In order to survive in the current bunker regime, we want to give the outer hull and propeller more attention in the future.

We have identiļ¬ed a few locations, where Briese Chartering can order diver cleaning companies to bring the vessel back into good condition such as Portland in the English Channel at affordable cost when there is a chance and the Captains give us the recommendation to do so.

One vessel taken out of drydock unfortunately showed a very bad condition of outer hull and propeller and resulted in heavy speed reductions and high bunker costs for a long time. Only in drydock, the vessel has been brought back into proper condition. It has been very minor investment to clean the outer hull and to polish the propeller to bring back a good running condition which is good for vessels speed and also good news for the engine.

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