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Open Top ECO Generation

The first of four planned new buildings of the Open Top Eco Generation 5000 MPP.

Unique flexibility meets efficient ship design – Briese Group sets new standards

5000 MPP new buildings

The Design and Basic-Engineering has been de-veloped by Groot Ship Design in cooperation with the Briese Group. Schotel was appointed to carry out CFD-calculations to evaluate the aft section in due consideration of the headbox and the optimal design of rudder and hull. The conse-quence: An optimized controllable pitch propel-ler installation with a power reduction of 3,7 %.

The vessel will be open top capable allowing the accommodation of oversized cargo in the cargo hold. Overhanging cargoes are possible and vis-ibility restrictions are no longer a reason for de-nying cargo options.

The vessel will be 89,99 m long and 14,80 m wide with a dwtcc of 5000 mts – draft 5,30 open and 6,30 m with closed hatch cover. In the view of flexibility the vessel will be ice classed 1 A accord-ing to Finnish-Swedish ice class regulations. The newbuildings will sail under the flag of Nether-lands - classification and certification will be per-formed by Bureau Veritas.


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