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Small distance for big pieces

Vessels are completely loaded with wind energy converters, house modules, machinery equip-ment and many other things one could imagine.

However, it is not so well known to our crew if the vessel is fully loaded with only five or six pieces. This was common practice when our 8000 tonnage vessels were scheduled for the carriage of blades from Southampton/ United Kingdom to Nakskov/Denmark – just a two-day` voyage when passing Nord-Ostsee-Channel. This great opportunity was granted to Briese Chartering by company Martin Bencher, a Scandinavian Shipping and Forwarding Com-pany, who is acting between Briese and MHI Vestas as manufacturer.The blades are part of the MHI Vestas Wind Energy Converter V164 for the offshore use.

Being built in the MHI Vestas production plant on Isle of Wight, South of United Kingdom, and planned for big offshore Wind Energy Converters,

these blades could not be stacked for the sea pas-sage. To imagine their size: each blade is as long as nine London double-decker buses put in a row.

More than 80 meters length per single blade makes it quite difficult to carry such pieces on board of a vessel. Thus, there was only one type in the Briese Fleet being suitable for our client.

Our nice M/V BBC Belem type, part of the sisters geared by 2 x 80t cranes, having a hold of totally 87,00m length, was chosen to perform totally 15 shipments with 5 to 6 blades from Southampton / United Kingdom to Nakskov in Denmark.

Anyway, one may guess that not only the size and dimensions of cargo holds and hatches might be important for the Charterers. Nowa-days, it is common practice that crew is doing a lot on cargo to deliver good performance. A close co-operation with Charterers, but also with stevedores and surveyors in the ports is of highest importance to the client. This can only be reached if people are handling operations together – as one team, instead of working against each other and blocking the arrange-ment and development of good ideas!

The excellent co-operation with staff onshore is of utmost importance, as you as crew on board of our vessels are the direct line between Briese and our customers. To put in a nutshell, there is nothing more valuable and worth than hav-ing on board a well-trained crew, people help-ing each other and the clients, officers knowing their vessel and delivering a good performance.

This could be seen during all shipments done for our client MHI Vestas – and the representa-tives in the ports found same, expressing their gratefulness in messages to the operating desk.

Therefore, our team of Briese Chartering takes the opportunity to forward same to you, work-ing on board of our vessels, doing your utmost to deliver good performance: Thank you very much for your good work on board!

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