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Arranging safety on Cruise Vessels

Briese Chartering being involved in the safety of new built cruise vessels - how could that fit? Anybody might be asking this question, picturing those big, very well and high-stand-ard equipped ships carrying thousands of people around enjoying their vacation. Well - on first view, it could never fit.

And still, it is indeed true that vessels in service with Briese Chartering are actually involved in such kind of stories.

But let´s go to the start - explaining how such story works out.

Already some years ago, Mr. Roelf Briese was contacted by one of his friends, Mr. Peter Hatecke. He is running a producing factory for lifeboats which later are installed on big cruise vessels and ships of every kind, in Ruthenstrom/ Drochtersen, a village along the river Elbe. The company also builds free-fall boats and davit systems. Mr. Hatecke was looking for a reliable partner, shipping his new built life-boats to Italian shipyards, building cruise ships.

It goes without saying that Mr. Briese wanted to grab the chance at once. Learning that Mr. Hatecke did not want to organize expensive pre-transports towards bigger ports, but would really appreciate to load his high valued cargo directly at the center of his factory, Roelf Briese proposed the small tonnage of Briese Chartering. Some weeks con-taining of  negotiations, technical discussions about the boats, lashing arrangements etc. until the first shipment could start.

As it can be seen on the different pictures, the lifeboats are quite big and can accommodate up to 314 people at once.

Even then, up to 20 boats are needed to equip the big cruise

vessels built at Fincantieri and other shipyards. In respect of stowage and accommodation of the boats on board, some requirements must be fulfilled. Usually, the lifeboats are loaded side by side with their forward part showing to the carrying vessel´s fore part.

Due to draft restrictions at Ruthenstrom/Krautsand, only M/V Schillplate and M/V Cimbris types are able to load at this small pier and capable to accommodate all cargo. The pier is reachable with high tides only and requires daylight navigation; however, thanks to the experts from Hatecke and Messrs. ElbClearing, agent in charge for cargo opera-tions, everything is always running very smoothly!

Now, in 2018, we are proud in telling that still, we can con-tinue to ship lifeboats of company Hatecke on regular basis.

A trustful co-operation has been established and everybody at Briese Chartering is happy to perform and be a part of this important task. Furthermore, it is always good to work so close together with producing companies. Requirements and special wishes can be put into reality at once and if any problem occurs, Briese Chartering as performing company gets informed at the center of action, i.e. in the loading port.

And still, we as those people sitting in the office, coordinat-ing and organizing all day long, could never perform our work without you - the master, officers and crew on board.

You are the ones taking care of the cargo - and being closely together with our customers. For your great work in keeping the vessels in good shape and in offering the most conveni-ent service to our customers, we as on-shore crew of Briese Chartering want to express a big “Thank you!” to all of you!

So if anybody of you will ever enjoy vacation on one of the cruise vessels being equipped with Hatecke boats - you can be well aware that Briese Chartering might have been in-volved!

Enjoy your holidays on the cruise vessels, having in mind that Briese is taking care about your safety also during vacation.

On the other hand also Briese Schiffahrt relies on Hatecke safety products. Many vessels of Briese fleet are equipped with Hatecke free-fall-lifeboats and rescue boats. Thus, herewith we also say a big “Thank you!” to a reliable partner in questions of safety and lifesaving equipment.



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