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​Form 17CK-2 DRILL/TRAINING EVALUATION FORM - Abandon vessel drill

Form 17CK-2


MV “……………”

Title Description: Abandon vessel drill





Drill/Training Summary.

……Abandon Ship Alarm sounded. All crew summoned to Muster Station according to the Muster List.

……Checked all crews are at Muster Station suitably dressed and life-jackets are correctly donned, all items (SART, EPIRB, Log books, extra food, water, etc.) have been delivered to life boat by assigned crews. Inspected emergency lighting of embarkation station are in good order. Started life boats engine and run each ahead and astern for 3 min.

…..Prepared life boat №1 for launching.

…..Life boat №1 has been launched on water with it’s assigned crew aboard

…..Life-boat hoisted to it’s primordial place on davits and secured for sea.

…..Inspected all life-saving appliances including life-boat equipment, found it complete and ready for use.

…..Instructions in use of all ship’s life-saving appliances including inflatable liferafts are carried out by Chief officer. Individual of survival at sea with problems of hypothermia and it’s first-aid treatment are carried out.


Abandon Vessel Drill has been conducted in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 18 3.4Chapter III, Part B of SOLAS Convention.


Proposals/alternations (to company) –further training?



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