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IMO-Vega Database

IMO-Vega Database 5.0/5 оценка (2 голосов)

Включает в себя следующие документы, общим количеством 4211:

-1974 SOLAS Convention, including 1978/1988 Protocols and all amendments to 1995.
-1966 Load Line Convention, including 1988 Protocol
-MARPOL 73/78, including all amendments to 1995
-1978 STCW Convention, as amended in 1995.
-IBC, IGC, ISM, HSC, BC, International Grain, STCW Codes
-1989 MODU Code, as amended
-1972 Collision Regulations
-1969 Tonnage Convention
-Codes of Safe Practice for cargo Stowage and Securing and for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes
IMO Assembly, MSC and MEPC resolutions, as well as relevant MSC and MEPC circulars.

Инсталляция: запускаем Setup.exe.
В поле Name вводим имя, в поле Secuirity Key:
и жмем Continue. Устанавливаем если надо пути
к программе, базе и жмем Install. После завершения
инсталляции жмем Return to windows.

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