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Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4.5

Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4.5 5.0/5 оценка (1 голосов)

GPS Navigation Software New: Supports Internet Download of Navionics Charts Fugawi Marine ENC™ is the ultimate PC software for marine navigation. With Fugawi Marine ENC you can navigate using many types of vector and raster charts, including: Navionics Platinum+, Platinum, Gold+, Gold, Silver, Fish'N'Chip, HotMaps® and Discovery charts (Navionics Multi Card Reader included) NEW: Navionics Gold, Fish'N'Chip or HotMaps® via direct download from Fugawi X-Traverse S-57 format charts such as NOAA ENC® and S-63 Encypted ENC charts BSB charts such as NOAA RNC™, Canadian Hydrographic NV.Digital charts topographic maps your own scanned paper maps, and for boaters in the USA, a wide variety of charts are available free of charge NEW: Hilton's Realtime Navigator charts are available via the X-Traverse Data Link.

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