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Loadstar 4.5/5 оценка (4 голосов)

Loadstar is an advanced loading computer with a very user-friendly interface. It facilitates the often time-consuming process of planning and controlling conditions. Loadstar from IBM is designed to be fast and easv to use. It has been desisned in со-operation with leading shipping companies throughout the world. Thus, it has gained the benefit of the valuable experience of these companies. The outcome is a loading system. which integrates all necessary functions into a single program. The many practical system features of Loadstar ensure quick and accurate cargo planning, concerning both rough pre-planning and detailed planning. Loadstar has a clear and consistent design, supplying the necessary information at a glance. Only a few keystrokes or mouse clicks are required to make it function. Therefore, Loadstar reduces operation time and man-hour requirements to an absolute minimum.

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