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Skymate Pro 2012

Skymate Pro 2012 4.0/5 оценка (23 голосов)

Skymate Pro 2012: The Navigator's Almanac is a computerized Nautical Almanac. Using an internal almanac for the years 1900-2100, Skymate Pro 2012 will provide Mariners the accurate information needed for celestial navigation at sea

OS: Windows XP (32-bit)
Vista (32-bit)
Windows7 (64-bit)

To maximize the full potential of Skymate Pro 2012, the user should have a working knowledge and proficiency in the terminology and skills of celestial navigation.
Skymate Pro 2012 uses date/time information entered into a DR Toolbar to calculate a number of various almanac functions. The flexibility of the DR Toolbar allows the user to quickly change date/time and position information for the various celestial functions available.

Skymate Pro 2012 provides the following almanac information for:

Almanac years 1900-2100 Sun and Moon Navigation Planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn 57 Primary navigation stars as listed in the daily pages of the Nautical Almanac Polaris 115 Auxiliary stars, as indexed in the Nautical Almanac Times of Rise, Set and Transit for each selected body Star Finder chart displays Predicted solar and lunar eclipses for a given year Calendar display of the moon's phases for a given year Calculates compass error Calculates a fix from a set of LOP's - Lines of Positions taken with a marine sextant Calculate navigation sailings (GC, RL) solutions. Print professional looking reports!


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