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SkyMate Pro v1.05 (Морской астрономический альманах)

SkyMate Pro v1.05 (Морской астрономический альманах) 4.8/5 оценка (5 голосов) Almanac years 1900-2100 Sun and Moon Navigation Planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn 57 Primary navigation stars as listed in the daily pages of the Nautical Almanac Polaris 115 Auxiliary stars, as indexed in the Nautical Almanac
Times of Rise, Set and Transit for each selected body
Star Finder chart displays Predicted solar and lunar eclipses for a given year Calendar display of the moon's phases for a given year Calculates compass error Calculates a fix from a set of LOP's - Lines of Positions taken with a marine sextant Calculate Great Circle, Composite, Rhumb Line and multiple DR solutions. Print professional looking reports

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