CERTIFICATE/DOCUMENTS Q: What are the Statutory documents you will take over from outgoing Master ? A: SAFETY & MARPOL: Safety Construction Certificate. (SOLAS)Safety Equipment Certificate.



Q: What are the Statutory documents you will take over from outgoing Master ?


  • Safety Construction Certificate. (SOLAS)
  • Safety Equipment Certificate. (SOLAS)
  • Passenger Ship Safety Certificate. (SOLAS)
  • Safety Radio Certificate. (SOLAS)
  • Load line Certificate.
  • Safe Manning Documents. (SOLAS)
  • Stability Booklet.
  • Certificate of Lifting Appliance.
  • Charts and Publication.
  • Operation Manuals.
  • De-rat Certificate.
  • FFA / LSA test and report.
  • Life raft servicing Certificate
  • GMDSS Certificate
  • ISM / SMS / DOC / SMC. (SOLAS)
  • Medical Locker / Stores / Narcotics
  • Declaration of Health
  • IMDG Code. (SOLAS)
  • IOPP Certificate.
  • Garbage Certificate
  • OLB
  • Exemption Certificate (SOLAS)


  • ISO 9002 QA
  • Registry
  • Tonnage
  • Light dues
  • Certificate of Class
  • B/L , Mate/R
  • Cargo manifest
  • Charter party
  • P & I Club information
  • Customs Documents
  • Port Clearance
  • Notes and Letter of Protest.


  • Articles / Contracts
  • Certificate of Competency
  • Passport and CDC
  • Working Hours / Rest log
  • Cash / Bond Portage
  • Overtime / Stores
  • Provision / Stores
  • Personnel reports / appraisal
  • Training log
  • Medical.

As per SMS Company should have a checklist to go through to avoid missing any item.

Q: What you will enter in OLB

A: 1) The off going master should make an entry in the narrative section to the effect that he has delivered to me all documents relating to the ship and the crew and both he and I would sign this entry.

2) I would add my Name and Certificate no. to the list on the front cover.

Q: What are the items cover by (1) Safety Construction (2) Safety Equipment (3) Load Line Certificate ?

A: Safety Constructions:

  • Structural Strength
  • Machinery and electrical installations
  • Fire Protection
  • Windlass and Mooring equipment
  • Steering gears & requirements for UMS
  • Communications Bridge / ER and Bridge / Alternative steering position

Safety Equipment:

  • LSA & FFA Equipment,
  • Navigating Lights, Shapes & Sound Signals
  • Pilot Ladders & Hoist
  • Gyro Compass, Echo sounder, Nautical Publications, Emergency lighting.
  • OLB, Damage Control appliance.
  • Fire plan.

Load Line:

  • Assignment of freeboard and marking of Load Line
  • Ship’s structure and fittings for water-tight integrity ( i.e. hatch way’s, Ship side openings, Non-return valve, Sounding pipe, Opening in ends of Superstructures, Vents, Air pipes, Freeing ports)
  • Crew Protection ( i.e. Crew access and guard-rails, life line).
  • Loadicator, Stability book.

Q: Certificate validity?

A: Name of Certificate validity

  • Safety equipment 2 year
  • International Load line 5 year
  • Certificate of registry 5 year
  • Safety Construction 5 year
  • Certificate of Fitness 5 year
  • IOPPC 5 Year
  • Safety Radio 1 year
  • De-rat Certificate 6 months
  • Safe Manning Certificate. 5 years
  • Life raft servicing Certificate 2 Years
  • GMDSS Certificate 5 Years
  • ISM / SMS / DOC/SMC 5 Years
  • Tonnage Certificate
  • Certificate of Class

Q: What is a safe manning certificate? What would you fined on it and how it is determine? Validity?

A: Safe manning certificate: to confirms minimum person to be carried onboard a v/l to carried out full operation.

The certificate would issued on the basis of minimum person required on to operate:

  • V/L to alongside,
  • V/L to cust off,
  • Port operation including cargo watch, gangway watch,
  • At Sea: a) Safe Navigation watch on Bridge.
  • Engine room Watch.
  • Radio watch.
  • Safety maintenance work in E/R.
  • Safety maintenance work on Deck.
  • Safe handle the operation in an emergency.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Cleanness for Fire safety.

Validity: nil.

Q: What is Note of Protest ? When to Note of Protest ?


  • Noting protest may help resist cargo loss or damage claims on the owner.
  • A protest is a solemn declaration made on oath by Shipmaster that circumstances beyond his control have, or may have, given rise to loss and / or damage to his ship or its cargo, or have caused him to take action (such as leaving an unsafe port ) which may render his owners liable to legal action by another party.
  • A protest ( without an extension ) is a simple statement of fact, without added details.
  • Protest should be noted as soon as possible after arrival and always with in 24h of arrival.
  • If in connection with cargo, it should b noted before breaking bulk.


  • After every case of General average
  • After wind and / or sea conditions have been encountered which may have damaged cargo or caused failure to make a cancelling date.
  • After Cargo is shipped in a condition likely to deteriorate during the forthcoming voyage.
  • After the ship has been damage from any cause.
  • After a serious breach of the C/P by the charterer or his agent ( e.g. Undue delay, refusal to load, cargo not of a sort)
  • After the consignee fails to discharge or take delivery of the cargo or fails to pay freight.

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