SAFETY OFFICIAL SAFETY OFFICER : On sea-going ship on which more than five workers are employed the company required to appoint a safety officer.




On sea-going ship on which more than five workers are employed the company required to appoint a safety officer. The master must record the appointment of a safety officer - this should be in the official log book.

Although not prohibited by regulations the appointment of master as the safety officer is not generally advisable. Appointment as safety officer should be avoided to whom the master has delegated the task of giving medical treatment. This is because one of the duties of the safety officer is to investigate incidents, and he would not be able to give proper attention to this function while providing medical treatment for casualties.


  • Safety officer will carry statutory responsibilities for health and safety as per code of safe working practices and as per company’s policy.
  • The safety officer’s role should be a positive one, seeking to initiate or develop safety measures before an incident occurs rather afterwards.
  • To improve safety consciousness among the crew.
  • The safety officer has a duty to investigate notifiable accidents or dangerous occurrences affecting persons on board ship or during access, as well as potential hazards to health and safety and any reasonable complaints made by any personnel.
  • The regulation require safety officer to carry out health and safety inspections of each accessible part of the ship at least once every three months, or more frequently if there have been substantial changes in the condition of work.
  • The safety officer has a duty to stop any work which he reasonably believes may cause a serious accident and immediately to inform master except when emergency action to safeguard life or the ship is being taken.
  • To make representations and recommendations to the master and employer about deficiencies relating to health and safety
  • To keep a record of all accidents and dangerous occurrences.
  • put forward their views and recommendations in a firm but reasonable and helpful manner
  • be sure of the fact
  • be aware of the legal position
  • be conscious of what is reasonably practicable
  • to use its best endeavours to ensure the COSWP is complied with
  • to improve the standard of safety consciousness among the crew
  • to make representations/recommendations on the crew’s behalf on health and safety matters
  • to inspect SO’s record
  • to ensure observance and take appropriate action concerning any occupational health and safety matters.


On every ship on which more than five workers are employed , the company must make arrangements for the election of safety representatives. The regulation specify that no safety representative may have less than 2 years consecutive sea service since attaining the age of 18

The number of safety rep. Who should be elected will vary to the size of a crew. The following ratios are recommended

6 - 15 crew 1 elected by off. and ratings together

16 + crew 1 elected by the off. and 1 by ratings

over 30 1 elected by the off and 3 by the ratings (i.e. 1 from each from deck, eng. and catering departments, general purpose ratings being included in the deck department)

The master must record the election or appointment of every safety representative in writing - this should be either in the official log book or in the minutes of safety committee meeting.

Safety reps should :


Once safety rep. have been elected, the company must appoint a safety committee. The committee must be chaired by master.

It is desirable that there should be a safety committee on every ship more than five workers, although the statutory requirement only exists on those ships where safety rep. are elected.

The master must record the appointment of a safety committee in writing - this should be in the OLB or minutes of the committee meetings.

It is preferable to appointment as secretary someone other than a safety official, as officials need to concentrate on the discussion rather than on recording it.

Safety committee have a meeting generally on every 4-6 weeks.


  • make the ship a batter working place
  • finding of the risk assessment and measures for protection in place
  • any other factors affecting the health and safety of those working on ship

4. details of fire fighting, first aid and other emergency procedures.


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