MSC.1-Circ.1350 - Unified Interpretations Of Solas Chapter V (Secretariat)

MSC.1/Circ.1350 1 June 2010

1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-seventh session (12 to 21 May 2010), with a view to providing more specific guidance for vague expressions such as "The ship's side shall be visible from the bridge wing", which are open to different interpretations contained in IMO instruments, approved the unified interpretations of SOLAS chapter V prepared by the Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation, as set out in the annex.
2 Member Governments are invited to use the annexed unified interpretations as guidance when applying relevant provisions of SOLAS chapter V to ships contracted for construction1 on or after 1 January 2011 and to bring the unified interpretations to the attention of all parties concerned.
1 The "contracted for construction" date means the date on which the contract to build the vessel is signed between the prospective owner and the shipbuilder.

MSC.1/Circ.1350 Annex, page 1
Regulation V/22.1.6  Navigation bridge visibility
1 The requirements of SOLAS regulation V/22.1.6 are accomplished when:
.1 a view from the bridge wing plus a distance corresponding to a reasonable and safe distance of a seafarer leaning over the side of the bridge wing, which needs not to be more than 400 mm, to the location vertically right under the maximum beam of the ship at the lowest seagoing draught is not obscured; or
.2 the sea surface at the lowest seagoing draught and with a transverse distance of 500 mm and more from the maximum beam throughout the ship's length is visible from the side of the bridge wing.
2 A schematic diagram depicting the unified interpretations is also attached herewith.
3 For particular types of ships such as tug/tow boat, offshore supply vessel (OSV), rescue ship, work ship (e.g., Floating Crane), in meeting the requirements of SOLAS regulation V/22.1.6, the bridge wings should at least extend to a location from which the sea surface, at the lowest seagoing draught and at a transverse distance of 1,500 mm from the maximum beam throughout the ship's length, is visible. If this ship type is changed to a type other than those addressed in this paragraph then the interpretation in this paragraph would no longer apply.
MSC.1/Circ.1350 Annex, page 2
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