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Ocean Link Ltd.

4 Shepkina Str.
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Ocean Link Ltd is leading crewmanagement company in Ukraine providing recruitment of officers to Dutch shipowners.Our main client is Wagenborg Shipping BV, the oldest Dutch shipowning company operating over than 150 modern dry cargo vessels.A sample of our unique experience in the market when we offer permanently over 20 positions for Ukrainian seafarerss to serve on Dutch flagged vessels. There are more than 200 permanent job places for Ukrainian Chief Engineers, Chief Officers, 2nd Engineers and 2nd Officers to work and develop experience on Dutch and German build vessels handled with love and quality.We offer permanent employment, work ratio 3-4 months on / 1,5-2 months off, on leave pay, pension fund, health care plan for crew and family, cost of documents compensation and other benefitsJoin us and secure your future!
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