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Today the industry faces majorchallenges from the increasing pressure of legislation, the need for both shipowners and operators to meet technical compliance and the requirement forproperly trained and competent crews. Anchor Crewing Agency has uniquerange of reliable, professional and cost effective services meets these needsproviding our clients with peace of mind without complacency.Anchor Crewing Agency is oneof the up growing and most reputed manning agency in Pakistan. Company’srunning value in providing the best services to the ship owners through thelower valued price and efficient ship management, become the leading shipmanagement company in Pakistan which has contributed so much in satisfactoryship operation in connection with the crew and ship management services to thedomestic and overseas ship owners.Anchor Crewing Agency is a ShipManagement Company, and supply Pakistani officers and crew to Ship owners /Ship Management, Company based in Pakistan. We manage transfer of crew from anywherein the world on foreign ships. We are in this crew manning management agencybusiness since last one decade. The company also operates ships with Pakistaniand crews of other nationalities, upon owner’s requests. The company has anexcellent record with all major seafarers’ unions and a broad knowledge oftheir individual requirements, including a history of successful negotiationswith international and Asian based unions.Anchor Crewing Agency expresshas built up a strong pool of approx. 10,000 officers and ratings, dedicated tothe company.The company’s crew selections aremade according to well defined safety & quality oriented procedures.Assignments are based on the mandatory qualifications, as required by the STCWconvention, the national ship registry and with due consideration to eachvessel’s requirements.Factors taken into accountinclude the crew’s background, experience (academic, marine and by type ofvessel) and specialized training. Comprehensive up-to-date records aremaintained in a computerized personnel management system. Enabling the companyto meet crewing requirements at any time.The recruitment process includesa thorough check of the candidate’s qualifications and past work experience,plus extensive practical testing of each candidate, on computer based software.This is followed by a two step interview process with personnel managers whohave a seafaring background as masters or chief engineers, in addition toextensive shore based experience in human resource management.Once accepted, a system ofpre-joining briefing is used, to ensure that all staff are fully conversantwith the company’s standards, flag state requirements and the specific goals oneach ship. During this briefing, staff is also given an introduction to thecompany’s quality assurance systems.We are offering you a completecrew on any type of vessels, dynamic personality, good service records,specialists, hard workers, honest and according to IMO rules and regulationwith all valid certificates. We have also lot of fresh young trainee deckcadet, engine cadets and fresh rating trained from Pakistan Marine Academy withvalid certificate and all watch keeping certificates, on low wages. These youngblood trainees are obedient and hard workers.We also provides full and partialcrew management services through a unique lump sum crew management program,which provides owners with a long-term manpower resources of qualified officersand ratings at a fixed monthly cost. This lump sum crew cost eliminates anyuncertainty and unexpected increases in the manning budgets of the vessels.

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