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36 Zhukovskogo Str. Ap. 24,, Odessa, 65045 Ukraine
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We have the honour to introduce our Company “UKR.SEAMEN”, we have one of the most extensive databases of Ukrainian seamen which allows us to react quickly on Client's wishes. Many Crewing Agencies in Odessa are working with our data base. UKR.SEAMEN successfully cooperate in crewing business with many Ship Owners of the world. The company was established in 1999, she situated in Odessa, Ukraine ( ex .USSR), acting under national license Ministry of the Labour and Social Politic of Ukraine ( unlimited term acting) and in accordance with national and international law. One of the few in Ukraine, our company is the certified member of the Certification Association «Russian register ». ISO 9001:2008 and MLC 1.4, ILO.
Our Company provides with qualified and competent Ukrainian crews for the Ship Owners of any kind of vessels,( bulk-carriers including OBO/combination, general cargo, containers, Ro-Ro passenger, passenger (cruise ship's), yachts, tankers, tug,etc) and shipyards. Odessa is the main port at the Black Sea in Ukraine. Odessa is large maritime city. Nature has provided Odessa with a good harbour. Owing to its favorable situation Odessa has long been one of the leading commercial ports of the Ukraine. It is well-known as a modern industrial port in the maritime world. The port of Odessa is situated on the north-western coast of the Black Sea. At night city lights can sometimes be seen for 10 or 15 miles at sea and serve as a general guide in approaching. More than 40 berths can accommodate large ocean-going ships. The port is ice-free most of the year and allows year-round navigation. Odessa was founded in 1794 after Russia victory in the Russo-Turkish war. Odessa has a glorious revolutionary history. Odessa has been conferred the title of hero City for its courageous 73-day defence against the fascists during the Second World War. Odessa is a most enjoyable southern city. In the city there are many fine buildings. The Opera and Ballet Theatre is considered the second best in Europe.
The beauty of the city, the splendid maritime climate, and the fine beaches attract a large number of tourists and holiday-makers from every corner of our country and abroad. Odessa is well-known port in the world, who was in Odessa want to visit again this port. Odessa has more million population and 70 thousands of them are the skilled seafarers with the experience in foreign sipping companies. All seafarers pass checking their knowledges in the Seafarer's training and certifying center and have documents accordance International Conventions — SOLAS 74/78, MARPOL 73/78, STCW 78/95, ISO 9001:2008, MLC 1.4. ILO and national requirements of the Ukraine.
Before the Soviet Union collapse, in Odessa were Black Sea Shipping Company with 360 ships of various types, Antarctica fishery sipping company. Soon many vessels were sold and detained for debts and seamen lost their jobs. At present Ukrainian seamen show their self to good advantage as specialists in foreign sipping companies and are in demand. We are looking forward to receiving your business offers and any other useful information.

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