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Makamin Offshore Saudi Ltd.

Saudi Arabia
Al-Raja Tower,
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Makamin Offshore Saudi Ltd. (MOS) is a growing offshore and marine services provider based in Saudi Arabia. Established since 2011, MOS has been focused on servicing our customers in the offshore energy and marine sectors across Saudi Arabia and the Middle East market.
The Company is a rapidly growing OSV operator, with a growing fleet of vessels operating in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. Our vessels provide a suite of services our customers, throughout the life cycle of oil and gas projects, from exploration, appraisal to decommissioning stage.
Our growth aspiration is to become a leading offshore oil and gas player in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. We are committed to providing the highest level of safety of operations, quality and reliability of our vessels and creating a superior customer experience, thereby establishing successful long term partnerships that go beyond the completion of projects.
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