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Four Stars Marine & Crewing Services Limited

P.o box 2261 Tema com.1 Location behind Barcadis.
Phone number:
+233(0)303217304 / Whatsapp +447 405012995
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We Four Stars Marine and Crewing Services a crewing agency based inGhanaWest Africa. We also Offer Quality Services such as Ship Maintenance, Chipping & Painting, Engine Room Cleaning, Arch Cleaning, Ballast Tank Cleaning, Crew Supply, Ship Chandler, Bunkering e.t.c. We supply competent and much-experienced crewmen in thecategory of skippers, engineers, cooks, divers, spotters, and seamen with richexperience in the fishing industry.They splice wires, mend and repair nets, fix winches, tail prawns, keepWatch and do dry-docking as well.They also have experience in crabbing & welkin, prawn & scallopvessels, ring nets, fishing trawlers, tuna vessels and a host of other fishingvessels.We can supply you with any category of crewmen depending on the nature of the operation of your company. Our crewmen are able to work up to more than 12 nautical miles and evenoutside the territorial waters of your country. They are highly poised towithstand all weather and working conditions associated with the job.
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