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PT. Kharisma Mahardika - Jakarta Amsterdam Trader

Central onderdil 2 Blok FB No.47
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Dear Sea Crew

At the moment we are looking for ship owners who need Indonesian Crew! please DO NOT send your CV till we say so here!


Dutch Crewing services in Indonesia since 2009
Gas, Chemicals, Oil, Cargo, Bulk, Container, Tug & Barge,
Supply, DP, Cruise, Yacht, Fishing, Offshore, and so on…

Total Below on this page are the current specifications and estimated average crew we can offer

· FRC Training Certification

· Food Handling Course: Prerequisite for Cook and Mess man

· All have valid Medical Certificates: UKOOA and approved by Medical Center or Doctor.

· STCW Certificates: All ranks.

· Passport & Seaman Book: valid !


Managing Director Crew:
Tutih Roosjen
Assistant: Sale and Purchase — Manning Crew.
Jakarta — Netherlands — Indonesia.

N.De Roos
Counselor: Manning Crew
Headquarters: Stationsweg 159 — 9201Gl
Drachten — Indonesia — Netherlands.

Graeme Mears
Managing Director
Springpark Holdings Pty Ltd
ABN: 78 009 407498
51 Sandover Crescent — Winthrop 6150
Western Australia.

Our activities:
We serve all types of vessels and operations in demand by the ship owners who need all ranks of seafarers such as Master, Engine Officers and Deck officers, Ratings engine and Ratings deck, Hospitality crew, Experts crew, Fishermen crew, and Cadets.
Crew requirements are based on the needs of management for ship operations.
Ship deck: Master, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer,3rd Officer, Boswain, Able Seaman Ordinary Sailor, Mess Boy, Steward, Cook, Deckhand, Ice Master, Utility etc…
Engine: Chief Engineer, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, Fitter, Oiler, Wiper, etc…
Hotel: Housekeeper. Asst House keeper, Cabin Steward, Linen Valet, House Keeping Cleaner,
Crew steward, Room service, Attendant, Bar Tender, Bar Waiter/tress, Laundryman, etc…
Offshore: Rig Superintendent, Tool Men, Driller, Asst. Driller, Derrick man, Floor man, Roustabout,
Mud Boy, Mechanic, Electrician, Cutting Catcher, Welder, Helpers, Mechanic, Rigger, Motorman, Deck and engine marine officer, Paramedic, Material man, Crane Operator, Dozer Operator, Forklift
Operator, Camp. Boss/Supervisor Helper, Cook, Baker, Mess man, Gallery Store man, Laundry man,
Radio 0perator, Fitter · Specialized Medical and Food Handlers:
Cooks and Mess man have be sent for an medical examination in K.S.A etc.

We are responsible for all expenses incurred by the owner and /or the owner's representative who has issued the cost for crew process, if any of our crew are in violation of there contract or breach their crew agreement.
We care about all skill aspects and are very careful before accepting
the candidates.
All our crews have good communication skills in English, are loyal, polite and friendly with other nationalities.
All Applicants have police clearance with no bad records and have genuine documents, are ready for hard work and are honest and responsible.
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