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OMI marine Co.,Ltd.

No.2(Third Floor) Singapore Kyaung Street, Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar
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OMI MARITIME MANAGEMENT Ltd is Marine Nautical & Engineering Company established in 2007, at «MYANMAR».
@ Due to market demand, the Company expanded the Crew and Officers onboard of sea going vessels In 2009, Our Company directors decided to extend Organization in Myanmar and expanded its business intoMarine Offshore service and spare parts supply and service and port agency service in Yangon, Myanmar.
OUR OMI MARITIME officers/Engineers/Crew are a variety of ways for ship Owners and Crew candidates.
@ To work with us to achieve their business and professional goals. @ We provide trusted, consultative services by truly listening and responding to the needs of ship Owners, Crew candidates and associates.
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