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We are a bespoke fuel energy provider. We supply a vital service to local and international industries with a supply chain and logistics operation that delivers this service to a wide range of customers. This chain provides fuel where the customer needs it and when the customer needs it.THE WAY WE DO ITThe Falzon Group operates 2 terminals, 4 bunker barges and a fleet of road tankers that collectively provide the basis for the supply and distribution services that we offer.The Group's operations in the petroleum industry are carried out by the following three member companies, all of which supply or service various onshore and offshore sectors with their fuel energy requirements:Falzon Fuel ServicesSan Lucian Oil CompanyWaste Oils Company FALZON FUEL SERVICESThis company provides petroleum products and ancillary services to a wide range of local customers, from hospitals and factories to household consumers. Yachts, pleasure craft and ferries sailing out of and around the Maltese Islands are also serviced by Falzon Fuel Services.The range of fuels that we provide includes:Heating dieselGasoil 0.1% sulphurAutodiesel/Gasoil 10ppmKeroseneLight Fuel OilThin Fuel OilSAN LUCIAN OIL COMPANYHolders of the first bunker licence issued in Malta, the Falzon Group’s principal bunkering company is San Lucian Oil Company, one of the most respected bunker traders and suppliers in Malta.This company supplies a full range of fuel oils and blends as well as gasoil and marine lubricants required by vessels crossing the Mediterranean. San Lucian also operates one of the largest storage terminals for Class 3 petroleum products in Malta.Bunkering of vessels and sea craft takes place within local ports and offshore Malta in one of the five anchorage areas in the Mediterranean designated for this purpose by the local authorities. Bunkering and debunkering services are offered by barge, roadtanker or pipeline.WASTE OILS COMPANYWaste Oils is a pioneering project for Malta and the Group. The company is responsible for the efficient collection of waste oils, bilge water and ballast from the marine industry. The company is also heavily involved in the safe collection and disposal of used and waste petroleum products, by-products and lubricating oils from the local, land-based industry. We also supply a professional tank cleaning service.
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