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Through years of impeccable work on the constantly changing market of management of issues related to sea ventures, we’ve contracted with many associates who help us with crew management issues:provision of bluejacket and highly professional crew memberslisting, HR, selecting, testing, training, certification, and post-training issues of the personnelmanagement of payments, salaries, remunerations, insurance payments for the crewmemberschanging crew in the port of destination, mooring or transitionrecruitment of new staff required in order to close newly opened positionsmaking sure crewmembers stick to defined policies and contract requirementstranslation of contracts to required languages and more.We have a broad branch of recruits who help us in the above-mentioned and more specific issues in the process of crewing, including certification authorities, training centers, and compliance officers. We are ready to help you in the performance of the tasks you have established towards the crew, managing everything related to it.
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