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LOOKING FOR A CREW ?LOOKING FOR A JOB ?BESIKTAS MARINE provides ship owners/managerswith qualified crew members of all ranks in theshipping industry. We have a special focus onrecruiting seafarers for coasters.We know that highly trained and reliableseafarers are the core assets of all successfulshipping companies. We therefore make specialefforts to create a loyalty to our company. Theexceptional high rate of return is a sign that ourseafarers and clients are well satisfied with theservices we offer.We works together with a world-wide network ofagencies. Our multi national staff is highlyexperienced and available 24/7. We are fluent inall relevant languages (English, Russian, Turkish,Ukrainian).Nowadays every development in the area ofinternational maritime and state laws have greatinfluences on operational crewmanagement.There are potential changes to taxes, STCW,national and flagstate documents, CBA’s whichinfluence day to day business. Another exampleis the ever changing immigration and visaregulations which hamper crew relieves moreand more.
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