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Kanethara Maritime Inc.

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Real Partners for shipManagement in Technical and Crewing to the Marine & offshore Sector.Our wide range of services includes Technical and Crew Management ofships.Our mission is to provide safe, reliable andefficient maritime solutions to our customers across the globe with utmost carefor the environment.

Our aim is a cost effectiveand efficient ship management serviceof international standard. Under the strict vigilance and monitoring of ourhighly qualified and experienced superintendents, We ensure that each and everyvessel under our management is maintained at her top condition at all times.Our superintendents are authorized and encouraged to take responsible decisionspertaining to their vessels such that no maintenance is hampered due to lack ofproactive decision.

Ourgoal is to work towards a cleaner marine environment, by serving as a rolemodel within our sphere of influence, balancing our profitability and ambitionsas a company whilst pursuing an aggressively dynamic environmental policy.Safetydoesn't happen by accident. It follows a process that begins with understandinghow accidents happen, and working to find the causes. In our experience, mostaccidents happen not because safety policies and procedures are not in placebut because some people lack an appreciation of safety itself.
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