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Our crewing agency was founded relativelyrecently. Why should you trust us in theselection of seafarers, not just seafarers butqualified specialists? We will be glad toanswer this question.
First of all, I would like to notice thatco-founders are seafarers withexperience in the positions: captain onpassenger ships, as well as DPO officerin the offshore fleet on Drillship, whichis very important. So who, if not a practitioner will beable to test the professional suitability ofan officer and see the potential in arecruit?
Every newcomer to ourcompany, withoutexception, in addition tothe interview, must pass theMarlins, CES tests, which inturn demonstrates the levelof his knowledge, as well ashis readiness to take office.The rank and file, as a rule, take monthly coursesbefore leaving on a sea voyage. The include Englishlessons and simulator sessions (bridge, engine room).
The experience gained over the yearsgave us the opportunity to find gaps inthe selection of service personnel formaritime transport, which subsequentlybecame the result of an innovativesystem for tracking irreplaceablepersonnel, competent and hardworkingemployees. That, in turns, gives the shipowner confidence that both the shipand cargo will be in proper condition.
In the modern world, competitionreaches incredible limits, and one of themain advantages in our market is speed.Decision-making speed is a key successfactor. Š’efore the contract with the shipowner, we suggest him to use ourservices several times, and only ifeverything suits him, we sign all thenecessary papers. We are always glad to newpartnerships and useful relationships.
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