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Insestment costs

MAN B&W ME-C series for LNG Carriers. Insestment costs

A system comprising the traditional steam plant is estimated to cost around US$ 20 million.
The direct-coupled diesel solution requires lower investment cost than the steam plant, as far as equipment is concerned.
To this come installation costs, which are not considered.
Most shipyards (all) that today build LNG carriers have much more experience of installing diesel engines than steam turbines and boilers, which adds to the advantage of diesels.

However, the twin-screw solution proposed does represent added cost on the hull side at some shipyards. This could be up to US$ 5 million, but the total cost is still comparable to that of the steam plant.
Against this background, the study does not include any payback calculation of the alternatives. MAN B&W will be pleased to recalculate the above analysis with any combination of data that any party may consider relevant for their project, including ships of different size than the 150,000 m3 carrier proposed.

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