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Checks during start-up and periodic checks

MAN B&W Alpha Lubricator System. Checks during start-up and periodic checks.

Checks during start-up of the engine

Upon start of the engine’s auxiliary blowers, the Alpha Lubricator System is programmed to carry out automatic pre-lubrication. The pump station will automatically stop if the engine is not started shortly after.Check that a pump on the pump station automatically starts up when the engine is started, and that the cyl. oil pressure builds up to 40-50 bar.Check that all the green LEDs flash on the intermediate boxes for each lubricator.Check that no alarm is detected on the control room and on the HMI panel.

Periodic checks during normal operation of the engine

check that all lubricating points supply oil by:
- inspecting that all LEDs for feedback indication on the intermediate boxes are flashing
- feeling the pressure shocks from injection of the lubricators on each lubricator pipe. If in doubt, dismantle the pipe at the cylinder liner to observe the oil flow.Inspect the local oil pressure gauge on the pump station.Check for oil leakages in the system.
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