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Installations and alignment

MAN B&W Auxiliary Propulsion System. Installations and alignment

Easy installation
The clutcher is easily installed with a traditional hydraulic shrink-fitted coupling to the fore end of the intermediate shaft through the tunnel gear. 
The connection to the intermediate shaft at the engine side is made by hydraulically operated fit and tie bolts.


Alignment instructions
For easy alignment of the propulsion plant, alignment calculations are made and instructions are supplied to the shipyard. The alignment instructions ensure the right load distributions on the stern tube bearings and shaft line bearings. In this connection the Clutcher is seen as an intermediate shaft integrated with the CP Propeller system and is therefore easy to fit and align.

Clutch oil system
Lubricating oil and hydraulic operating oil are supplied via the Hydra Pack tank unit for the propeller system. This tank unit is always assembled and factory-tested prior to delivery in order to facilitate the yard’s installation work.

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