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Proven elements

MAN B&W Auxiliary Propulsion System. Proven elements

The low-speed two-stroke engine itself is unique in its simplicity and efficiency always securing safe operation.
The long lasting know-how and practical experience from a vast number of different ship types and propulsion applications form the basis for the very high mechanical quality of B&W CP propellers.
The supply of a large numbers of complete propulsion packages including tunnel gear and shaft alternator has accumulated good long-term service experience.

The design of the Alpha Clutcher is based on a disconnecting device developed under the name “Separex” by Burmeister&Wain in Copenhagen in 1973.
With the Alpha Clutcher, the main engine can automatically be clutched out from the direct-coupled propeller shaft, and consequently the propulsion power is delivered by the GenSets to the shaft alternator used as electric motor, and via the tunnel gear to the propeller shaft.

Single is simple
The MAN B&W Auxiliary Propulsion System is a very simple and cost effective alternalive to, for instance diesel electric propulsion systems and maintains all the advantages of a low-speed two-stroke engine plant. In relation to twin-screw propulsion installations, the single screw configuration is usually preferred due to a 10-12% higher propulsion efficiency and last but not least due to the obvious cost reasons.

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