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Therefore Safety first

MAN B&W Auxiliary Propulsion System. Therefore Safety first

Extra margins of safety are dictated by the transportation and handling of volatile and flammable liquids and gases, corrosive chemicals, and similar hazardous cargoes which may harm the personnel and the environment.
Safety precautions on board ships have constantly been improved throughout shipping history. Accidents at sea give rise to such improvements in order to secure the best possible safety for the crew, the ship, other vessels and installations at sea, the environment and the business as a whole.

Governments, authorities, classification societies, shipowners and insurance companies are challenging the manufacturers of ships and ships’ equipment to encourage them to improve their products in relation to reliability and safety. More than ever before, safe transportation of oil products, toxic chemicals and liquefied gases is a must. This kind of transportation is an important and growing business, characterized by high stakes, huge capital costs, high-value cargoes and risk management. On the other hand, environmental fractions, politicians, the press and the public opinion expert an increasing pressure for environmental consciousness and safety.

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