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Herewith we would like to draw your attention to one “forgotten equipment” on board: “The Chemical Protective Outt”.

According to SOLAS, EMS-Guide and the IMDG Code regular training as well as maintenance shall be carried out on board.

Unfortunately it has been recognized that these items are very often forgotten and the crew is found not familiar with the Chemical protective suits and measures.

Please nd attached an abstract from SOLAS Ch.II-2 :

8.2.1 …firefighter´s outfits full chemical protec-tive suits and self-contained breathing appara-tus to be readily available on board. Masters are reminded that personnel will need regular training in the use of self-contained breath-ing apparatus and that special attention should be given to ensure that face masks fit satisfactorily at all times. 8.2.3 Fire-fighting outfits offer only limited protection from danger-ous goods. Fire-fighting outfits are not chemical suits. Chemical protective clothing is designed to protect against specific proper-ties of chemicals. In general, there will be no such thing as a single type chemical protective suit on board. Therefore, contact with dan-gerous goods should be avoided.

Chemical protective clothing is not resistant to fire or heat…..



Inspection, storage and maintenance:

  • During emergencies is not the right time to discover discrep-ancies in the protective clothing. Therefore regular maintenance shall be carried out: • Take out the suits from the bag • Inspect them for completeness and good order and condition • Observe that the rubber is soft and not hard, no cracks and scratches. • Maintain the Zippers with wax or Vaseline (same like the im-• Follow the manufacturers instructions • They should be stored dry and clean • Do not store them on top of hot surface or close to hot areas (tank walls)



The regular maintenance shall be documented e.g. Deck Log Book / Safety maintenance book. The donning and handling shall be trained as per training plan e.g during

  • Oil spill • MARPOL
  • Cargo Spillage

In case you need any advice, instruction or you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact your inspection On board different types and kinds of CPS are available - please identify yours and act accordingly.

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