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Impressive Move

Over 100,000 cubic meters loaded on deck

In a recent shipment them/V BBC Pearl was the assigned as heavy lifter to move an impressive amount of cargo on deck from Zhangijagang, Shanghai, China to the port of Manokwari, Indo-nesia. for the Wuhan based customer the vessel loaded four 350 mt heavy mobile harbor cranes, one big and one smaller ship-loader on deck, and some smaller additional cargo was loaded below deck. “In total the vessel loaded a massive volume of 104,000 cubic meters and a total weight of over

2,300mt for this project,” said David Calero, com-mercial manager of BBC Chartering in Shanghai.

The transport project on the M/V BBC Pearl is a great display of how BBC Chartering performs on extremely bulky and oversized cargo. Also for short distances, such as this intra-Asia trad-ing requirement, BBC Chartering’s portfolio of 170 vessels provides a great selection of suit-able carriers for any port, any cargo service re-quest.

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