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Burullus Project

This megaproject will advance the history of the country of Egypt. Siemens is building up three brand new natural gas fire ‘Combined Cycle Power Plants’ in order to increase the energy production up to 50 percent in the country and Briese Charter-ing / BBC Chartering was selected to transport the main components of the project like gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, transformers, etc..

This is the largest project undertaken by Schenker Deutschland to date. In total a volume of about 72.371 freight tons ( ttl 37.127 mt , abt 70.000 cbm) have been and will be shipped in 2016 and 2017 on numerous voyages by Briese Chartering from northern part of Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea and even US East Coast to Egypt.

In order to make transport from discharging port to the jobsite as short and safe as possible Schen-ker even upgraded a small fishing port including the installation of a heavy-duty crane. This was im-portant as many of the pieces, which have to be transported, are very heavy (up to 482mt) and / or have oversize dimensions as well as due to the fact that the location of Burullus Power Plant and the roads around does not allow to bring these heavy turbines from Alexandria or other ports.

The only way is to handle the cargo via this small fishing port nearby. Schenker made an agreement with the Egyptian Authorities for dragging of this small fishing port to have sufficient depth of 5 m for our vessels.In addition our Port Captain Sergey Baranovs was in Burullus together with Schenker before the project started in order to meet and discuss with the Port Administration the naviga-tion in the port, as there are no navigation charts available.

The first shipment was done by M/V Musketier, which loaded on the 22nd of April 2016 a gener-ator, with a weight of 481.5 mt for a gas turbine from Charleston (USA) to Burullus. A few days later three other vessels loaded the gas turbines and generators at Nordenhamn. In the period from 10th up to 20th of May discharging of the four ves-sels was done one after another. The first vessel entered the port of Burullus was M/V rochefort.

Briese Chartering / BBC Chartering won the tender of this hefty weight and tight project due to its young fleet offering excellent quality, flexibility and competitiveness. Three owners came to the final step of the tender and the first idea of Schenker was to split the project between a few parties, but in the end all pack-ages/volume was awarded to Briese Chartering, as we could ensure them and gave confidence in the performance of all 49 shipments of this important project. 25 vessels are approved by Schenker/Siemens/Egyptian Authorities for this project and allowed to sail to Burullus. Any vessels from the market / other owners still need a special permission from the Authorities, which will take a time.

A strict schedule of all shipments from different loading ports (Blexen, Schiedam, rijeka, Constanta, Alexandria) and dates is given, which has been managed to comply without any delay.

During a meeting with Schenker in Düsseldorf on 17th of feb-ruary, Schenker pointed out that they are extremely satisfied with the performance of Briese Chartering and in all respect, especially with the support of all our Port Captains, with our Op-erating, with our flexibility. All 26 shipments performed so far perfectly within laycan without any delay.

Until now, mid of february 2017, four vessels of “Mittelplate Type” are either in Burullus or on the way to this port (M/V Hohe Bank, M/V Accum, M/V rochefort, M/V Schillig)


  • The total number of heavy lift units: 250
  • 8 gas turbines with a weight of 482 t each (origin from Berlin)
  • 12 generators for gas turbines with weight of 395 t each (from Mulheim/ruhr, Germany and Charlotte, USA)
  • 12 transformers with a weight of 195 t each (from Weiz, Austria and Zagreb, Croatia)
  • 192 boilers modules with weight between 37.5 and 188 t per unit (coming by ocean vessel from Korea and loading on Briese vessels in Alexandria for Burullus)
  • Condensers (from Indonesia) · and other parts
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