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Ships Agents in Panama

On behalf of our company ORCA SHIPS AGENTS, we have the interest to offer a complete maritime service using the 50 years of experience of our operational, commercial and technical team, so we could establish an alliance with your company with the purpose of providing cooperation and new opportunities for maritime customers that require cargo needs and shipping agencies services in Panama. 

As Company, we provide several services to cover all your cargo needs and documentation for:

  • Booking request
  • Port calls
  • Ship supplies
  • Crew changes
  • Canal transit
  • Legal services
  • Documentation 
  • Advisory related to flags, pennants, size, toll calculation and draft limitation of vessels.


ORCA SHIPS AGENTS provide multiple services and documentation required for transiting through the Panama Canal, for the most demanding cargo transportation needs on transit inbound or outbound of Panama and ensuring that all services are provided in a timely and efficient manner.


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