Here is a list of some papers that should be prepared for arrival in port

Check list for paperwork on arrival in port

Here is a list of some papers that should be prepared for arrival in port.

1 Last Port Clearance
2 Ship’s Particulars
3 Maritime Declaration of Health
4 Vaccination List
5 Crew List
6 List of Ports of Call
7 Declaration of Ship’s stores
8 Bonded Stores Declaration
9 Declaration of Ship’s Permanent stores
10 Personal Declaration
11 Narcotic List
12 U.S. visaed list – for U.S. ports
13 NIL LIST (Stowaways/Animals/AA/DC/TC/HC/Mail/Parcel/Pax)
14 Declaration for a vessel South of the 60th parallel - Canada
15 Stowaway Declaration, where applicable
16 Stowaway List, where applicable
17 Declaration of Arms and Ammunition, where applicable
18 Declaration of Arms on board, where applicable
19 Plants list, where applicable
20 Ship’s Currency Declaration, where applicable
21 Personal Currency Declaration, where applicable
1 Notice of Readiness
2 Note of Protest – if applicable
3 Stowage Plan & Loading / Discharging sequences
4 Cargo Manifest
5 List of Dangerous cargoes if any
1 Receipt of Ship’s Documents
2 Permission for lower the Lifeboats as SOLAS drill
3 Permission to carry out shipside painting
4 Permission to carry out any hot work onboard/on upper deck/
5 Permission to Immobilize the Main Engine
6 Ballast Exchange Statement / Permission for deballasting
7 List of Ship’s personnel signing off
8 Check List for Drugs & Stowaways – where applicable

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