Many mothers have been pleased to use essential oils before pregnancy, during her course, and even during childbirth. Indeed, oils help gently deal with many troubles that keep your mom mourning - from morning sickness to ugly stretch marks.

Aromatherapy for children

Many mothers have been pleased to use essential oils before pregnancy, during her course, and even during childbirth. Indeed, oils help gently deal with many troubles that keep your mom mourning - from morning sickness to ugly stretch marks.

But the baby came to light. Can healing aromas also benefit him? And how to make so that the use does not turn into harm. Little children are very sensitive. They smells many times stronger than us, they have a delicate, delicate skin, under which there are capillaries in which the blood runs. This must be taken into account if you decide to refer to essential oils.

Mostly for toddlers, soothing oils for massage and baths are used to gently prepare the baby for sleep. It should be borne in mind that in some children, the bath has a reciprocal reassuring effect. In this case, transfer the bath so that the baby has an hour and a half to calm down before bed, because even the essential oils do not act instantaneously. And at this time it is possible, for example, to tell a little fairy tale.

Children's stores have ready-made formulations for massage, bathing or skin care, or they can be cooked on their own, picking up oils by age and following a few simple rules.

Oils for the youngest.

From a two-week-old age, specialists recommend the use of oils such as:

  • Lavender. Lavender essential oil is suitable for the care of any type of skin, eliminates peeling, irritation. Soothes the nervous system, softens the stress state. Has an antiseptic effect, it can be used in a damp cleaning in the house, if someone in the family fell ill, for example, the flu.
  • Rhombus Chamomile oil calms down on the stomach, often helps with flatulence, inflammation of the intestine. Chamomile oil has a strong sedative effect: relieves anxiety, anxiety, tension. Promotes relaxation, pacifies, often helps with insomnia.
  • Pink. Rose ethereal oil is used for sleep disorders, insomnia, apathy, anxiety, headache. And also for the prevention of influenza and SARS. If epidemics are raging around and the dad comes from work with a runny nose and a hoarse throat, it will be unnecessary before going to bed, ventilating the room and washing the floor, adding a drop of this oil to the water.

From two months it is allowed to use yet:

  • Bergamotovy This oil has a beneficial effect on the digestive process, relieves abdominal pain in the case of an ingestion, accumulation of gases. Useful for respiratory infections of the upper respiratory tract, as well as helps to relieve anxiety, calm down. A great tool for scaring insects. If in the summer your sleep is disturbing mosquitoes, you can put an aroma lamp out of the open window, and annoying insects will fly away. But in the afternoon, they do not have to worry about it - this oil increases the photosensitivity of the skin, and it can quite lead to sunburns.
  • Fennel. Soothes the nervous system. Helps with icecat, nausea, vomiting and colic. Possessing spasmolytic and expectorant properties, it facilitates the condition of patients with colds, bronchitis, and also a pertussis.
  • Sandalwood Sandal oil relaxes the body, instills a sense of well-being. It has a pronounced relaxing effect, promotes good sleep. Activates the immune system, thereby protecting the body from infections. Sandal oil relaxes, relieves tension and anxiety. Variants of using essential oils are more detailed here

As you can see, all these oils combine a soothing and relaxing effect. But the most effective and safe for kids is still lavender oil. It is safe so much that it almost never causes irritation on the skin, even in undiluted form.

Dosage and methods of application.

Usually for children it is recommended to use essential oils in the form of massage oils, creams or as an additive to bathing water. Aromatisation of aroma lamps is not recommended for children of the first years of life, and it is not at all suitable for toddlers flavored sticks or pyramids intended for burning.

Dosage of any essential oils for children up to half a year is 1 drop of oil per full bath of water. If you want to add butter in cream or base oil (it is better to use almond or apricot), take no more than 1-2 drops per 30 ml of the base. After half a year, the amount of oil in the bath can be increased to 2, and from two years - up to 3 drops. When added to the oil base, it is worth limiting 3 drops to one year, and 4-5 drops - from one to two years.

Essential oils in no case can be added directly to the water for bathing. Oils do not dissolve in water, so they need to pre-dissolve in the emulsifier. As an emulsifier you can take a handful of salt (better specialized nursery), a spoon of honey, if there is no allergy, a glass of milk or cream. The oil drips into the emulsifier, mix thoroughly, and only then it is added to the water.

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