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Night order book for Masters


In any case of the following cases, the officer on watch shall also immediately report to the Commander for his order

  • When any ship, light, or when appears to main land or island is first sighted
  • When any remarkable change occurs in the weather, or in the direction or force of the wind
  • When any wireless communication received concerning the distress, urgent, security, navigation warning, meteorological etc.
  • When a derelict, floating ice, or any other obstacle is discovered on the vessel’s course or close to it
  • When a signal observed from a vessel or ashore
  • When changes in the deviation of the Standard Compass are observed
  • When any accident occurs to the hull or engine when a remarkable change is observed in the ship’s speed
  • When the ship’s position is observed to be out the course line or when there is a doubt of the same
  • When any increase of water in the wells is observed
  • When any other unusual phenomenon presents itself
  • Keep lookout carefully
  1. Keep your lookout strictly
  2. Keep a sharp (good, keen, bright, strict, proper) lookout
  3. See that a good course is steered
  4. See that a good course (steering) is made
  5. Steer very carefully
  6. Watch the steering carefully
  7. Attend to the steering
  8. Steer with care
  9. Course N36°E by standard compass
  10. Co. by standard compass: N36°E
  11. Co. by gyrocompass: <175>
  12. Watch steering and keep a sharp lookout for land
  13. See that all navigation (regulation, running) lights are burning brightly
  14. Keep all lights clear and in good condition
  15. Pay your proper attention to running lights
  16. Lookout for passing vessels and fishing boats
  17. Lookout for passing streamers, sailing crafts and fishing boats, especially for fishing boats without lights
  18. Keep well clear of all passing vessels
  19. Avoid close quarters with other vessels
  20. Give a wide berth for passing vessels
  21. Give a sufficient sea room for all vessels
  22. Ascertain the risk of collision by watching the compass bearing approaching ship
  23. Report me at once if the weather becomes thick
  24. Call me if there is any change in the weather
  25. Report me any change in the weather
  26. Let me know immediately if the weather is getting worse
  27. Let me know if the wind changes in the direction or increases its force
  28. When the visibility becomes poor, sound the whistle at regulated intervals and let me know it
  29. When you are in sight of X. light, let me know it
  30. Report me if you make out X. light
  31. Call me at once if necessary (you want)
  32. Call me at any time if you required
  33. Call me at any time when you think my presence on the bridge is necessary
  34. Call me at once if you have doubt in your mind or unusual occurs
  35. Call me at anytime if you find anything to be doubtful
  36. Don’t hesitate to call me up, whenever you had any doubt
  37. Take amplitude azimuth and find compass deviation if the weather permits
  38. Compare and check gyrocompass at times
  39. Lookout for m/v “Vitus Bering”, and let me know when she is seen (sighted)
  40. Report me when you sighted Neptune Lt.
  41. Report beam distance when Neptune Lt. Ho is abeam
  42. In order to avoid immediate danger, slacken her speed or stop or reverse the engine at once, if necessary, and then call me
  43. Never alter her course without my order, except to avoid collision or danger
  44. Alter her course to <135> when the distance recorder shows 305’, and report me
  45. When you are in doubt anything, call me at any time
  46. Attend strictly to standing orders

2.1 April 1st 2225.

Holly Stone Lt. abm. dist. 8 miles.

Course by Standard: N36°E

Keep a good lookout. Lookout for fishing boats and junks, and don’t approach too close to them. Make rounds and inspect steerage and steering gear

If no material change of weather, call me at 0400

Let me know when you sighted any light on the way

Signature / Master

2.2 Sept. 13th, 2110

Rockhead Lt. abeam 9’ off

Co. by Standard Compass N68°E, E’r 2°W

Keep a good lookout for vessel and give a wide berth to all passing vessels

When St. Angel Lt. is abm in the morning, alter the course to N42°E (E’r 1°W) and report me

Give me report when the weather became thick

Call me at any time, if necessary

Read barometer every hour and keep watch seas and wind all the time

Adjust clocks at midnight for S.T. at Colombo

Signature / Master

2.3 On the 30th Jan. 1997

Masan to Yeosu

Pilot on board, proceeding through inland sea, and steering var’ly under pilot’s charge

Give the pilot all your possible assistance and don’t neglect your good lookout and attend to the navigation lights are burning brightly

Call me up at any time in case any unusual change occurred and also when the ship approached the Noryang channel in the middle watch

Signature / Master

2.4 0800 pm on the 24th May, 1998

Lat 29°31¢N Long 118°21¢E

Steer S23°W by St’d Compass

Keep a good lookout. See that a good course is made

Give all vessels an ample berth

As you ought to sight Capones Lt. at 0200 am, let me know when you sighted it

Report me if there is any change in the weather

Call me at once if you think the ship setting towards land or there is anything doubt

Call me up at 0300 am. Attend to standing orders

Signature / Master

2.5 19th Sept. 1999

Course N54°W by Standard Compass

Call me at 0530 or at any time before then if you think necessary of my presence on the bridge

Comorin Lt. should be seen, nearly right a’hd, about 0500, and the white sector of the above Light should be seen a little later

Observe to the Standing Orders

Signature / Master

2.6 27th June 1975

Steer N54°W by St’d Compass. E’r 2°W

Leeway allowed on this course 1°

Keep helm in hand steering for the night and keep vessel on track

Call me at any time you are in doubt or at 0430

Lookout for vessels, sailing crafts, especially for fishing boats without lights

Log time and Lat of meridian passage of 180°

When you are in sight of Comorin Light, let me know it

Give all traffic at least two miles C.P.A. (closest point of approach)

Due to crossing 180°, it will be Monday tomorrow, 29th June 1975

Signature / Master

2.7 2000 on the 15th July 1963

Lat 35°40¢N Long 125°10¢W

Co. N26°E. E’r nil

Keep a good lookout for Saddle Id. In the morning and call me when sighted

Give plenty room to all passing vessels

Call me at once if the wireless operator give any storm warning

Keep in your mind whether she might se in shore by strong tide or not, and ascertain the ship is always on her course line, checking position by cross bearing frequently

Take stellar observation in the morning, if possible

Signature / Master

2.8 To officers. Los Angeles, May 1st, 1998.

While the ship lying at this port, do your best and pay careful attention on the following matters:

  1. Keep one officer’s night watch alternately
  2. Come back on board before starting cargo work except those who granted special permission
  3. Stop sanitary water before lighters get alongside and give notice to engineer on duty stop its pump. Be careful of bath and WC water
  4. Let nobody smoke in or near hatches and on deck during cargo work
  5. Inspect all cargo gears strictly, such as winches, cargo runners, guys, gin blocks, stays, riggings, cargo slings, and etc. put oil to all winches, and have all winches tested before commencing cargo work
  6. Lookout cargo gears and see that those are working in good order
  7. Make night inspection before you go to bed and especially take precautions against fire, getting ready fire hoses and fire pumps at hand
  8. Watch for storm signals hoisted up on the yardarm of the signal station
  9. Mind that you, watch officer, are authorized to issue orders when the circumstance required
  10. In case you will order boatswain to clean cargo holds, after completion of cargo discharging, give notice to him that let sailors pile up ¾ of hole amount of wooden dunnage on T.D., ¼ in the L.H.

Signature / Master

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