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Starting the engine and checks after starting

Engine start should be done by authorized personnel only. Except starting after short period of ‘Stop’ with normal engine condition, the engine should be started manually by ‘Local’ control system (‘Local’ mode) and the operator should be ready to stop the engine immediately, if needed during checking the condition of engine running. Be sure to check the surroundings of the engine in case of ‘Remote Start’.


1. Starting the Engine

Check indicator cock closed.Check ‘Ready to Start’ lamp ‘On’.Press ‘Start’ button.

2. Checking immediately after Starting

Listen to the engine running sound carefully.
If unusual noise detected or anything suspected, stop the engine immediately and proper investigation should be carried out. Check pre-lubricating pump stopped and oil pressure rising as soon as the engine runs.Check water pressure and air venting.Check fuel feed pressure.Check turbocharger speed.Check exhaust gas temperature of each cylinder whether firing occurs.Check any leakages around the engine and feed system.Check all shutdowns and alarms function correctly.

3. Rechecking after Initial Starting

For the case of first starting after installation or a period of standstill or overhaul, it is strongly required to check the condition of engine rotating parts again before loading up the engine.

Stop the engine after idle running for about 5 minutes.Open the covers on engine block to inspect the internal sliding parts for abnormal overheating due to friction.Inspect bearings (for main, big end, small end, camshaft, and alternator), gear wheels, cams and rollers visually and check surface temperatures by means of hand touch or non- contact type (infrared ray type) temperature measuring devices.
Start again and run the engine for about 30 minutes at idle speed, then stop the engine and repeat the inspection of internal sliding parts as same manner as above mentioned.
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