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Engine load-up Featured

1. Load Up with Cold Engine

It is required to warm up the engine by loading up gradually upto about 50% load for a few minutes with MDO only.
The cylinder cooling water temperature should be minimum 60 ℃ to load-up to 100 % load.


2. Load Up with Warm Engine

A warm engine or stand-by engine with cooling water temperature over 60 ℃ can be loaded up from starting to 100 % load immediately without any restriction.
However, the sudden load-up will take time to achieve stable frequency.

3. Quick Load Up

The quickest way to load-up from 0% to 100% load can be achieved by increasing the load continuously and gradually.

4. Step by Step Load Up

Considering the time required for stabilizing the frequency deviation due to sudden load-up, it is recommended to load up from idle to full load by more than three steps under approval of classification society.

5. Checking during Load Up

Check pressure and temperatures for lubricating oil and cooling water.Check fuel pump rack index and governor index.Check the exhaust gas temperatures after cylinders and turbocharger inlet and outlet.Check maximum firing pressure of each cylinder.
Operating data for each load step should be within the normal operating range and always compared with shop test record and previous operating records.
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