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Engine stopping

The engine provides various stop mechanisms, which cut off fuel supply and stop firing fundamentally.

1. Normal Stop Procedure

Change over heavy fuel to marine diesel oil, if necessary for maintenance or long-term standstill.
For the case of normal operation on heavy fuel, it is recommended to stop on heavy fuel oil, if only heavy fuel oil can be circulated continuously until next start. Otherwise, the fuel should be changed over to marine diesel oil to avoid clogging of the fuel system due to cooled down of heavy fuel oil.  Load down to idle gradually (by releasing generator load for generator application) and speed down to idle gradually.
Do not run the engine more than two minutes at low load before stopping to avoid contamination of exhaust gas system. Press ‘STOP’ button on remote or local control panel, which activates governor lever to ‘STOP’ position and fuel rack to ‘STOP’ position consequently.Check engine successfully stopped.Check pre-lubricating pump running.Keep running pre-lubricating pump and external cooling water pumps for a period of time to cool down heated parts of the engine gradually.
Do not open crank case door or dismantle any parts just after engine stopped, which may cause escaping of hot fluids. 

2. Emergency Stop

If normal stop failed in urgent situation, the engine can be stopped by pressing ‘Emergency Stop’ button on remote or local control panel.
The ‘Emergency Stop’ button activates every Fuel Injection Pump Rack to stop position by compressed air through stop solenoid valve. In this case, the engine will be stopped suddenly with loaded condition. Therefore, it is recommended to stop the engine manually instead of by ‘Emergency Stop’ button.

3. Manual Stop

The engine provides mechanical manoeuvring handle, which is independent of engine control system. The engine can be stopped by turning the handle to stop position manually. The manual stop should be done as same procedure as normal stop.
Keep the handle at ‘STOP’ position until the engine completely stopped. Otherwise, the engine may revive. 

4. Auto-Stop (shut-down)

If there is any abnormality which predetermined for auto-stop, the engine will be stopped automatically by the engine control system. However, the alarm will normally precede the auto-stop by showing the abnormality.

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